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Insight into the Development Trend of Foundry Industry from the Perspective of Policy Orientation
 Upgrading of the Manufacturing Industry is an Inevitable Course during the Period of Industrial Reform
In today’s world of ever-changing scientific and technological innovation and irresistible development of informatization, knowledge, modernization and globalization, the emerging developing countries rise sharply while the international economic and manufacturing industry embrace new development, great adjustment and reform. China’s manufacturing industry is also confronted with strategic opportunities and challenges.
At present, China’s manufacturing industry has already been in the forefront of the world in both scale and total volume, becoming a global manufacturing power. However, our development model is still extensive, with weak technological innovation capability, low product added value and large but not strong overall scale. We are facing pressure from energy, resources, the environment, etc, for further development.
In 2017, China produced 49.4 million tons of castings, ranking first in the world for 18 consecutive years. However, our foundry industry has still been "big but not strong", with development bottleneck in key castings and technologies. How will China’s casting industry develop in the new era and new situation? Perhaps we can understand this through national policy orientation and the application of new technologies.
National Policies Encourage the Application of Cutting-edge Technologies
The Guide on the Construction and Promotion of Industrial Internet Platform issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on July 9, 2018 is to accelerate the establishment of the industrial Internet platform system and speed up the platform promotion. Oriented by solving the key problems of enterprise digitization, networking and intelligence and regarding enterprises as the main part, the Guide is established to give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and to better perform the guiding role of the government so as to form a complete set of supporting policies through formulating norms and standards, issuing guidelines, conducting pilot demonstrations, etc, creating a favorable development environment.
With accelerated development of the Internet, artificial intelligence is becoming an emerging industry attracting policy focus. So far, 20 provinces and cities have introduced policies and measures for the artificial intelligence industry according to their own actual development, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jilin and Guizhou, and so on. Insiders believe that the central government attaches great importance to the development of artificial intelligence and has successively issued a series of policies for the development of artificial intelligence industry. With the introduction of more specific measures in various regions, China’s policy system for the artificial intelligence industry has basically taken shape and is now forming a good central and local linkage effect, which not only contributes to the rapid implementation of policies at the central level on artificial intelligence industry, but also promotes the accelerated application of industry and the integration of key industries.
Developing rapidly in recent years and successfully applied in casting production, the 3D printing technology has successfully solved many technical problems that cannot be solved by traditional casting technology. Since 3D printing has a broad application prospect in casting production, local governments have successively introduced a number of relevant policies to encourage the development and construction of 3D printing industry.
The Application of New Technology Ushered in an Era of Green Intelligent Casting
The "Strictest" Environmental Control in History has Brought Sustainable Development to the Foundry Industry Again
The “strictest” environmental control in recent two years has eliminated most of the backward production capacity and the policy of “looking back” by environmental protection inspectors has had high pollution and high energy consumption enterprises with fluky psychology close down completely. As a basic industry, China’s foundry industry has ushered in a new round of great development after a painful period of industrial reform, with a large number of green and environmentally friendly products and equipment emerging at the right moment and sustainable development becoming the mainstream.
Big Data Provides the Optimal Production Mode
With the rapid development of information technology, big data has brought the manufacturing industry completely new intelligent production mode. Through the platform of industrial Internet of things, manufacturing enterprises can quickly realize the interconnection of more machines and equipment, continuously collect the data of all kinds of equipment and machines, realize the integration of various data and finally form the best production mode through analysis, optimization and combination.
Artificial Intelligence Provides an Intelligent Brain for the Manufacturing Industry
With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence in algorithm and based on the monitoring data matching with the resource capacity on the platform, we can learn deeply and provide effective plans for manufacturing resource scheduling. The essence of intelligent production is to apply technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, deep autonomous learning and analysis to the manufacturing industry. The addition of artificial intelligence can further improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and further promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.
Breakthroughs Are Made in Traditional Casting Materials and Technologies
At present, the production of large-scale steel casting has made great progress in China. Although we are still not technically qualified for producing high-end products, we have made breakthroughs in a number of key technology researches; therefore, the realization of independently producing high-end castings is just around the corner. In the aspect of aluminum alloy technology, we have realized the independent R&D and production of many high-end large thin-walled castings, while in the future we will continue to develop the high-end products with more stringent requirements. As the lightest engineering metal material, magnesium alloy is known as the “green engineering material of the 21st century” and many advanced magnesium alloy casting technologies have been widely used in the fields of aerospace, rail traffic, electronic products, biomedicine applications, bicycles, architectural decoration, and etc..
Capture the Application of Hotspot Technologies and Develop Future Development Strategy
While environmental control and new technology application can accelerate the transformation and upgrading of casting industry, intelligent upgrading shall be the primary task. In order to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of China’s casting industry and set up a comprehensive service platform for the industry, the 2018 China Foundry Industry Exhibition jointly organized by the Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry and the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society will be held at Suzhou International Expo Centre during November 15 - 17, 2018.  
The 2018 China Foundry Industry Exhibition is a comprehensive platform mainly serving the foundry enterprises. As a platform for enterprises demonstrating their brands, it will present new materials, intelligent equipment and innovative products of the casting industry on site. Relying on its superior industry resources and years of professional experience in hosting exhibitions, the organizer will invite high-quality purchasers, cooperate with domestic and foreign media to organize trade visitors in related fields to visit and collaborate with domestic and foreign professional media to report and publicize the exhibition and special exhibits comprehensively and synchronously.
Moreover, the 2018 China Foundry Industry Exhibition covers product and technology release, trend research, expert lecture, exchange meeting for young workers , etc, and will bring China’s foundry industry a professional and efficient feast with rich contents and highlights!
Review of 2017
A variety of new environmentally-friendly casting materials exhibited in the last exhibition attracted great attention of buyers from the Yangtze River Delta region and all over the country.  The new products displayed on site attracted a large number of audience to consult, and many activities held synchronously in a warm and friendly atmosphere mainly focused on the application of new technology in the foundry production, with centralized release and detailed explanation for raw materials, process design and intelligent management system.
Themed with “Innovation-driven, Upgrading and Change of China’s Foundry Industry”, the China Foundry Week 2018 held concurrently will focus on the hotspot technology application and development trend of the casting industry by specific sub-forums.

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