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Chinese Foundries: Survival, Improvement and Transformation against the Backdrop of Environmental
 Of the world’s biggest producers of foundry products, China produces more than the other top 9 giants combined. However, the output of an average foundry in China is the lowest, which is only 1,754t. Of such small sizes, many foundry manufacturers find it hard to become mechanized and automated. More than 10,000 companies are still relying on obsolete production processes and equipment, with technical and economic indicators such as pollutant emissions, energy consumption, and resource consumption far beyond the average levels of the foundry industry. The environmental protection inspection campaign launched this time is intended to crack down on such foundries and create a much fairer and more transparent business environment for foundry manufacturers.
Average Size of Foundries across the World (t)

 (Source: China Foundry Yearbook 2016)
Environment Protection as a Sharpened Sword: Reshuffling or Transformation of the Chinese Foundry Industry?
Product quality, labor productivity, company size, environment protection and emissions
are companies’ pain points and touchstones for the market to screen good companies. Changes in the general environment are both challenges and opportunities. In such difficult times for the industry as a whole, should companies make an exit or proactively seek solutions? What should companies do for environment protection to avoid elimination from the market? Which smart applications are suitable to meet companies’ need for transformation? In the Internet industry where investments are the most concentrated, we can clearly notice its robust development in recent years that is driven by industrial integration. Mergers and consolidations such as that between and and that of DiDi and Uber have helped to shape a healthy environment for the development of specific industry segments. However, their early phases also saw frantic and cut-throat competition. For example, the current industry segment of shared bicycles is still in the vortex of market competition based on price strategies and free offers. The foundry industry is an old one, but its nature means that its responsiveness to market changes is not as quick as other industries with large capital influxes. Therefore, the issue is how we should cope with the overwhelming industrial evolution cycle when all the industries are in the process of reshuffling?
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Combination of Resources for Co-development –China Foundry Week 2017 Places Focus on Hot Topics
The Foundry Institute of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) dedicated to providing services for the foundry industry will organize the China Foundry Week 2017, which is aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing and industrial exchange, at Suzhou International Expo Centre from November 14 to 17, 2017. Since its initiation in 2000, the China Foundry Week has always been committed to addressing obstacles to the development of the industry and combining industrial and academic resources to provide good solutions for the development of the industry. This year, the event will place its focus on the hottest topics of the day, such as environment protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and smart foundry. It will present nearly one hundred technical papers and keynote speeches to propose solutions and encourage brainstorming.

China Foundry Congress & Exhibition 2017 – A Perfect Opportunity for Product and Technology Display
China Foundry Congress & Exhibition 2017
is an integrated convention & exhibition service platform that is committed to sharing the latest market and technological information, facilitating innovative development, exploring solutions, enhancing industrial exchanges and building networks. Here, companies can release their newest product and technological information via different activities, showcase their brands at their own booths, participate in technological forums to learn from experts and academics, and attend lectures and workshops to exchange ideas with peers. In this way, they can identify more resources and create more value for their own future development.
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China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center

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Oct 29-31, 2019 
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