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Effective exhibition marketing at CHINACAST
We offer you effective advertising opportunities for all media – simply choose your desired advertising medium and make CHINA CAST a success for you as an exhibitor.
Take advantage of services from our cost-effective marketing package.

Online media
As an exhibitor, you can reach your customers and other target groups directly and effectively via the Internet – before, during and after the exhibition.

Print media
Approach your target group in a focused manner with print advertising: our printed exhibition media reach a large number of exhibition visitors.

Advertising on-site

Advertising at  the exhibition venue and nearby focuses attention on your company.

Contact for exhibitors 

Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
Ms.Wang qiaozh
Tel: +86 24-25852311-356
Fax: +86 24-25855793
Email: wqz@foundryworld.com

Plan your visit

China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center

Date & Opening Times 
Oct 29-31, 2019 
9:00am – 5:00pm (Oct 29-31) 
9:00 am –4:00pm (Oct 31)